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Posted by shinkakakumei - October 13th, 2016

So if you've been wondering where I've been these past few years, nailed a contract to help a group win Hasbro's Gaming Lab contest. And my team is one of the finalists of the Spring 2016 Challenge!

Details here:


Our Facebook Page here. Give us some love and "Likes":


And the IndieGoGo page here:


So do kindly share and spread the word, and also be a backer be it a small $5 backing or put it into one of our stretch goals. Got 28 days to get this fully funded, and this could be a life changer for me because this clinches an awesome contract with Hasbro so I can finally make a living out of being an artist/graphic designer.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see your support. Cheers~!

Posted by shinkakakumei - August 31st, 2012

In an art contest. My Avenger fanart was one of the five selected in that Nexon contest. Probably one of the best moments of 2012 for me. Maybe I should take that as a sign and buy a lotto ticket next XD

Posted by shinkakakumei - January 18th, 2011

Especially when the prize is free game credits for a game's in-game store items.

I recently entered the Cosmic Break fanart contest. I normally avoid these but with my favourite genres of mechs, cleavage and lolis i just had to enter. Plus $200 worth of in game creds and bragging rights to have it included as in game loading screens was a bonus incentive.

I'm quite fortunate that the art communities are active in these threads. I already had an entrant blatantly copy elements from my entry with his own subtle changes.

http://www.cosmicbreak.com/commu/img.p hp?filename=tc_25298_1_1295275532.png&

http://www.cosmicbreak.com/commu/img.p hp?filename=tc_25326_1_1295287092.jpg&

I already placed this particular entry and a second one here to provide proof it's my own *sigh*

Of course detractors and supporters came in droves and pretty much what's supposed to be a fun thread to appreciate fanart entries turned into an art inquisition. Seriously messed up...

So, what are your experiences/stories of entering these things?

Posted by shinkakakumei - November 25th, 2010

Started my one man doujin circle (no there will be no hentai associated with it unless people ask or get paid nicely to do it :p)

Started it on Facebook, will upload the rest once I've done more


Posted by shinkakakumei - December 5th, 2009


Hopefully once I get my scanner working and reformat my comp I'll start posting there too.

So anyone here in NG part of that site also?

Posted by shinkakakumei - October 4th, 2009

Friends seeing post up my old stuff (and possibly some new future works) ask why NG?

I said why not? I prefer the system here when it came to protecting my art which back in my day anyone can just grab, modify and claim it theirs. During my early graphic design days I got burned by the comics industry, especially the now defunct Dreamwave Studios. After that fiasco I found it frustrating and didn't know any better. Sadly it took that situation to make me a tad jaded in regards to the industry. I began feeling dejected and discouraged and stopped conceptualizing for people's projects or even requests.

As the years rolled by I began playing mentor to the younger artists that frequented some art and game forums once the anime craze took full swing here in North America, I began wondering how come I can encourage new up and comers when I couldn't even bring myself to do the same for my own demoralized and cynical self. So even though my family has been discouraging me to pursue my artistic side again, I got my friends to get me back up and drawing again be it just a a simple tattoo to more detailed pieces.

To be perfectly honest, it feels like I've finally found my home for my art and for my confidence.

Posted by shinkakakumei - September 14th, 2009


Posted by shinkakakumei - September 6th, 2009